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Jeffery Santiago

Jeffery Santiago - Tennis Instructor 2022.jpg

Hello everyone! My name is Jeffery. As a certified Tennis Professionals
Association (TPA) instructor, I have a very calm, easy going, and caring
personality. I graduated from the University of Ottawa and have a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics. I studied Counselling/Psychotherapy at Saint Paul University.
I volunteered for Capital Kids Tennis in its early years and was promoted to an assistant instructor. I completed an internship for A Love of Tennis and was able facilitate in coaching children and at the same time promoting the organization.
I am an avid doubles tennis player and have been playing tennis since I was 15 years old. My passion for tennis has taught me to be a perseverant, passionate, fair, fun, and team-oriented person. What I enjoy most in tennis is to see everyone get involved, have fun, learn, and improve. Let’s hit the courts!


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