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FAQ/ frequently asked questions

How much does the program cost?


Capital Kids runs 4 one-hour lessons over a month each location for $15 in summer. In winter, the registration fee is $20 because we need to book the indoor courts. In previous years we had a Trillium grant which helped us run the program as a free program, however, this has ended and we now have to cover our basic costs (instructor pay and equipment).  The program is run as a not-for-profit.



Do I get a refund if I cancel?

Full refunds are given with more than 1 weeks notice before the classes start.  Less than one week, a 50% refund is given.  Once classes have started, no refunds are given.



When is the registration deadline?


There is no registration deadline.  Spots will fill up quickly so the sooner you register, the better!


I've sent my registration form online, when will I hear back from you?


You will hear from us a week before each session starts.

Do I need to prepare my own racket and tennis balls?


No! We will have plenty of rackets to go around so if your child needs to borrow one, no problem!  All the balls are supplied by us as well.  If you do have a proper kid’s racket for your child, please bring it.



How can my parents get involved?


We will encourage parents to help out in our lessons, especially in the 6-9 year old lessons.  Parents can assist in organization, exercises and activities with their kids as instructed by our coaches.

Can I register for multiple sessions?


Yes!  Parents are allowed to register their kids for multiple sessions as well.


Do I need to know how to play?

No! This program is open to players of all abilities.



What if I am better than my age level?

If you are 8-9 years old and are an experienced player than please speak with your coach and he or she will recommend whether it’s best to move you up or not.  It is at the coaches’ discretion which group you will be placed in.

Where should I go to play tennis after this program?

Team Tennis Leagues are fun, accessible, and affordable programs for kids to learn how to play tennis in a team-based environment at indoor facilities. Please check out the current options under "Other Programs" at the top of the page.


City of Ottawa opportunities available at


A Love of Tennis runs programs on the East side of Ottawa:


Still have questions? Email us here!

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