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Parent Reviews and Testimonials


" I must also say that you have an excellent programme for children.  They enjoy it very much and have improved greatly.  Their coach Emilie is a gem, as she has a wonderful and positive approach to coaching."

"My daughter loved her class yesterday. The instructor (Emilie) was so patient and approachable. We have been practising in the driveway today and Tessa is already doing better. "

"What a wonderful opportunity to take up a sport"

"Accessibility, no cost, equipment provided, enthusiasm!"


"Being with other people in the community"


"Coaching quality is superb!"


"Ease of participation, adaptability of instructors, in the community"


"Fairly close to home, offered on a variety of days, no cost"


"We participated in the program earlier (May, June) and truly enjoyed i! The instructor - Francisco - was excellent and had an amazing rapport with kids. I can't praise this program enough and I advertise it to all of my friends. Thank you!"


"How friendly the coaches were!!"


"Kids got to practice their coordination as it related to tennis skills"


"That it is focused more on enjoying tennis and less on competition or raising stars."


"The coaches are nice and professional."


"Those equipment are used specifically for little kids."


"Very positive and friendly coaches. Affordable equipment. Free lessons."


"Well equiped. Professional coaches."


"coaches are very patient and professional"


"give a good chance to play tennis for little ones. Thanks."


"my son was able to meet new friends"


"taught them very well with step by step instructions"


"it was free and that it was close to where I live"


"the instructors and that it was a free way to introduce my daughter to tennis"


"the organisation, your involvement and most of all the commitment and friendliness of the coaches"


"The tennis teachers (Alta Vista) and Fei. Also that it is offered in the summer/early fall and after work/school hours."



---Quoted from Capital Kids 2014 & 2019 Parent Survey



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