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Tennis: The Sport For a Lifetime!

Written by Nelson Dordelly Rosales

I have to admit that as a tennis fan, I genuinely believe that tennis is the greatest sport ever! Wait, before you start moving your head, let me explain you why. Accordingly to physician Ralph Pattenbarger of Harvard University School of Public Health, who studied over 10. 000 people over a period of 20 years, people who play tennis 3 hours per week cut their risk of death in half from any cause. This means Tennis can save your life !!! If that’s not enough argument to start getting a racquet, I have another one for you. Not only is great for your health to play tennis, but also for you self-esteem. According to Dr Joan Finn from Connecticut State University Tennis players have higher vigor, optimism and confidence than other athletes. Indeed, Tennis demands a set of mental skills. It is necessary to concentrate on getting the right grip on the racquet, the footwork to position yourself on the court and to have eye-hand coordination to finally hit the ball, and after all that think about an strategy to beat your opponent, promoting clear thinking. Tennis develops character. Players have to figure out how to win by themselves and deal with losing by themselves. There is nowhere to turn, no one to blame except you after and during a loss. Tennis teaches you to take responsibility for your own mistakes and solve by yourself your own problems. All this is done in the solitary confinement of our own thoughts.

No other sports provide excellent health benefits, as well as stimulate mental and emotional growth. Then, there is no doubt in my mind that tennis is the sport for a lifetime! Nelson Dordelly Rosales, LL.D/Ph.D

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