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Team Tennis Minor League at St James

The goal of the Team Tennis League is to provide Progressive Tennis learning methods in a play-based setting to ensure young players learn and play more quickly. Initiated by Tennis Canada, the St James Minor League is an exciting community tennis program that provides participants with the opportunity to practice and play with a focus on skill development through match play.

The Minor League promotes a game-based approach to stimulate and maintain both excitement and enjoyment for participants.

The league is geared this season to players aged 6-12, who will be divided by age and ability level by our coach Alex Harea.

Equipment will be provided as supplied to suit and age and ability level of the participants. 

We encourage parental participation whether they assist with score-keeping, equipment management or supervising practice.

The league will run for 8 weeks Saturday mornings at St James.

Starting July 8 and ending August 26

Cost: $96+HST.

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